5 Ways to Invest in Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky is an extremely popular form of alcohol to drink.  It is also a popular spirit for investors and collectors, not nearly at the level of wine but popular nonetheless.  Scotch must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years and must follow other regulations in order

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Non Alcoholic Champagne in coupets

Non Alcoholic Champagne Recipe

Non Alcoholic Champagne Recipe The other day I ordered a bottle of non alcoholic champagne by St. Regus. Drinking. Drinking it got me to thinking, “How easy would it be for us to make my own non alcoholic campagne at home? Could I pull off a nice tasting equivalent without

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Chart showing surge in beer searches

How Non Alcoholic Drinks Are Faring During COVID-19

How Non Alcoholic Drinks Are Faring During COVID-19 In January 2020, otherwise known as “dry January,” it seemed non alcoholic beers and cocktails were finally an established category to be reckoned with. Then COVID-19 happened and the demand has faltered. Here’s how drinking trends have changed since most of the

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Best Seedlip Cocktails

The Best Seedlip Cocktails to Make At Home Seedlip claims to be the first distilled non-alcoholic spirit to hit the market and it seems they can’t manufacture their non-alcoholic gins fast enough. The brand roster currently contains three alcohol-free gins, from herbal to aromatic and citrus. All three bottles cost

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