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Do good.

The chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs who make New York one of the best cities on Earth are devastated by the COVID-19 crisis. Thousands are out of work and many are struggling to keep the lights on amid uncertainty.

The people who’ve given us some of our finest memories of the city need us to band together and let them feed us again. When you subscribe to home-delivered meals you bring award-winning chefs, sommeliers and bartenders back to the work they love with another day of honest employment.

Nourish yourself.

When you subscribe to SIP Provisions get two Michelin-star grade meals delivered to your home every week. 

Award-winning chefs and bartenders or sommeliers provide subscribers with a short selection of regular, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan meals for pre-order.
(Note: We’re still checking with chefs about dietary accommodations.)

You choose what you want and get to look forward to receiving delicious meals two nights per week. If you decide to opt out of a meal, the price of your provisions goes directly toward feeding a person in need.

Stay safe and sustainable.

We operate in impeccably clean and fully-licensed restaurant kitchens and heed all WHO and CDC guidelines. All our workers wear protective gear and maintain a safe distance from one another every step of the way.

Pre-ordering meals allows us to pick up the exact number of ingredients necessary for preparing meals, preventing wasted food. 

Remember why we're New Yorkers.

Our sympathy goes out to everyone affected directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 crisis. The situation is challenging, but together New Yorkers will get through anything. There’s never been a city of stronger and more resilient people. 


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